【日記リレー 4年仲川悠樹】

田中聡貴くんからBatonをもらいました。I am 仲川 Indiana 悠樹。彼のComedyのレベルが高すぎて、私のJapanese PowerがBadな故に彼の面白さがComprehendできない時があります。いつも理解できてないのに笑ってます。Sorry Toshiki.





Keio University Men’s Lacrosse is the oldest men’s lacrosse program in Japan. Established in 1986, we have been crowned national champions multiple times. The total population of the people who have ever been involved with lacrosse in Japan is 70,000. Our graduates imported the sport of lacrosse into Japan. The graduates of our team often talk about “Pioneer’s Pride”. As pioneers of the creator’s game in Japan, our team is responsible for always being the innovators, the developers, and the messengers of lacrosse in Japan. This is the “Pioneer’s Pride” they often mention. After 30 years, the idea that we are the first and best lacrosse program in Japan is only a side note. We must never lose this mindset and continue to make splashes and strides in the ever-growing lacrosse community in Japan. We are the only team which continues to go overseas to play games against D1 programs in the U.S. We are the only team that has won such a colossal number of national championships. We are the only team sponsored by a major sports brand. We are the most well-known, Japanese, college-level, lacrosse program in the world.

Let’s keep it that way.

Work hard, continue to DRIVE towards greatness and the rest will follow.

I would like to use this opportunity to introduce this website and movement to my fellow team members and readers of our blog. #GrowTheGame is about growing the game of lacrosse in the world. They have helped to develop teams in Europe, Asia, and even Africa. This website records advances in the movement and the growth of the game.

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing game in the world, and has the potential to become so much more. As members of this growing community, we are responsible for supporting each other and other countries in growing the game. Let’s help grow the game!


Next up is マネージャー長のピースちゃん(中島梨名)です。彼女はアメリカ人の審判に日本語で話しかけてしまうなどアメリカ遠征で数々の伝説を残してきましたが、4月からCAになるそうです。僕は心配で仕方がありませんが、4月から沢山合コンを組んでもらいましょう。